Friday, August 12, 2011

Ending Da' Silence~

Hi u all.. ;) its been month since i update my blog.. haha.. sorry2x guys.. its just  enjoying daily life with study and stuff a lot.. and recently i begin the internship. k ladies and gentleman.. what to talk now? emm... about internship? alot happen.. :P and its fun here.. just have a limited access to da internet.. boring rite.. hahaha.. while there y i use the intelligent i have.. huhuhu.. i use my friend skill to by pass the proxy in the internet.. wow.. how that can be done.. haha.. i know2x. :P if u all want to know.. go google la bro.. :D k bai.. thats all for now.. till then ah.. forget to tell u all.. i will actively update my blog start now on.. babai my frenzzz... ;)

Friday, April 8, 2011

~PBL 3~

salam to all~

alhamdulillahh... finally we were reached at the end of the PBL session for this sem. =) A lots of knowledge that were gain and improved in term of interpersonal skill due to having presentation for every session of PBL. 

PBL3 was embraced several issues that arise for the enterprise that intended to improve their operation in the organization. therefore, they have to find out the best strategies or ways to implement in their operation. on the same time, they wants the best result to benefits them all.

In my point of view is many organization nowadays intended to design a new information system is better than existing one. hence, they need to consider the features that make up a quality system. A quality system should ensure that its data are accurate and its provides accurate output. the system should provide an audit trail, efficient especially in its use of human effort, user friendly and interfaced with related system.

by the other way, construction and implementation phase is a crucial phase in the system development life cycle as it involves efforts from various people such as designers, programmers, database administrators, users as well as accountants.

lastly, information system must be well maintained. maintenance is an on going activity, one that lasts the lifetime of the system. due to reducing maintenance cost, they need to take some strategies include structured analysis and design which significantly reduce the problem of modifying the system. 

in a nutshell, what ever kind of changes that brought by one organization, they must firstly analyze as much of strategies and make the the best choice in resulting the best result. on the same time it will benefit their own operation and to the employees too. after that, they have to make the corrective when having the variance in their operation. hence, the improvement can will taken as soon as possible to cut the cost.

Finally, the organization have responsibility to maintain their system so that it can be operation in well and success..

thank you. =)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching

salam to all.....

Everybody will feel nervous, going to vomit out, body shake, sweaty etc when they are presenting something in front of public.. this is human being that were experienced by evybody eventhought they are always appear in front of public to do presentation.

when i was in my former secondary school, i am always participated in school competition that almost involving to speak out in front of public such public speaking, debate, story telling competition, forum and so on.. here are my preparation and to do list before i am ready to perform any presentation:
  • Do the draft of your presentation. look at the facts, current issues to makes your presentation more relevant and updated.
  • Start to do proper presentation information completely.
  • Highlight the point that you will easy to memories.
  • Do main point in a small of paper.
  • Then, now start to practise in front of the mirror. ( so you can analyze clearly which tone that you suit to use while presenting and check the face play match with the points you are telling to... )
  • Do more practise.... and keep practise....
  • Recite the Al-Quran and pray for let you calm in presenting your performance..
  • I will wear the blazzer or coat on the presenting day because it will sycho the judges and the audience that you are very energetic presentor. =)
  • Look at precisely to the audience and judges's eyes because they will freaky to look at you back. hehehe
  • Your body movement must be dinamic to attract the other people to look at you.
I was applied all these steps when I am choosen to be school presenter for any public speaking before and it was 99.99% succeed!! =) the more important are early preparation and look good in your appearance. Happy trying..... =) 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

"IQRA' "

                                                           Let's be reading as ur 'daily friend'

    salam to muslimin & muslimat... =) frankly... I wanna to share wif you all guys.. I do love to read english novel lately.. by the way, I had read 2 books of novel only within in a week. huhuhu. Despite I 've learn so many vocabs and very 'BOMBAS' words that i've never heard before.. ermmmmm.. now I realized that I've more interested in english lecturer as my future 'bread & wine'. hehehe after taking almost 5 years in accounting field at UITM di hatiku. =p

    One of the other main benefits of reading is that it exercises our mind. Our mind begins to bend and flex mentally, It stays lose and limber so to us can flow easier through the course of the day. The regular routine ensures that the reading muscle stays in good shape as well as the mind. Just like physical exercise, there has to be a determination to make reading part of our life. If we understand the many benefits of reading, we will have no trouble adopting a regular habit of reading. =)

    very exciting & proud when I 'm look our folks did their reading whenever they are around.. in the LRT, at the bus station, in the universiti's cafes,not forgettable at the 'kaki lima' waiting for someone comin' etc. =) due to reading, we had gain a lots of knowledge and info. When I was in BEL clas during my code course in the university ( english clas ) , I will run of 1001 of questions to the lecturer so there will having two way communication, therefore I will train myself to be more confident when using english in the conversation. =)

    Not even once I underestimate BAHASA MELAYU. I really proud of it!! =) but as developing country, we have to move forward as others to compete in globalization era's.  In Al Quran, due to surah iqra we compulsary to do reading as our responsibility in life.

    Finally, when we develop a practice a habit of reading, we are building solid foundation on which to build. This foundation of reading will allow us to accomplish many goals and ambitions we have for our lives. Our habit of continuing to read helps to ensure we will continue to succeed. Reading has a long and distinguish track record for establishing positive and lasting benefits to humanity. =) so my frens, lets start reading as ur bestfren!! =)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

TuRnInG tO 25

Hoooohoooo!!! im going to 25 this year.... =p not work yet, no tough savin' yet, no married life some more.. hmmmm. how pity u AiZa.. =( still studyin' while making debt of study sem by sem. 

hey chill zup AIZA!!! =) look at the mini coop car that u r posing to. This car such the old, very classic, and sort of out from the long... long century ago. hehehe BUT, u know wat?! the value of this are very high price! and not everyone can affordable to havin' it. And people might be 99% will look at u when u've drive it. ( actually they look at the car, not to the driver. kekekek)

It will the same case... the more number of your age are, the more 'LAKU' you are. hahahahah =p so aiza! stay healthy and stay younger.. gud luck 4 watever u do. Be a good muslimah. =)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


In a nut shell, I understand in well about the case widely.. =) the one enterprise or community must have very clear and systematic procedures for making their operation is going smooth and success. the varieties of system in technology had assist the users to complete their task.

Such of the sytem that have been implemented in the operation nowadays are SDLC ( sytem development life cycle ), Gantt chart, CASE ( computer aided software engineering ) and so on. besides that the entity muust follow the procedures wisely and the management of the entity must in good relationship to achieve optimistic succeed!!!!

But, there is something 'blur' playing in my mind that is what is biggest impact if the one of the entity having technology problem such server down, electricity problems and some more.??? auchh!!! is there any manual way to overcome this situation?

After the presentation, i can analyze well 96% about this case. =)

Feeling HOT

Feeling is an unpredictable “thing” that human being have. That make us human differ from other living thing. Human heart and feeling is the gift from GOD and it makes us special. Feeling is an art that symbolic our thought. The complicated art shows the critical feeling, our thought become unpredictable. These will end with result of negative. That make a lot of people do some crime such as murder, steal and some teenager do sex openly. Heart must be controlled by us, we can’t let our feeling control our self.