Friday, August 12, 2011

Ending Da' Silence~

Hi u all.. ;) its been month since i update my blog.. haha.. sorry2x guys.. its just  enjoying daily life with study and stuff a lot.. and recently i begin the internship. k ladies and gentleman.. what to talk now? emm... about internship? alot happen.. :P and its fun here.. just have a limited access to da internet.. boring rite.. hahaha.. while there y i use the intelligent i have.. huhuhu.. i use my friend skill to by pass the proxy in the internet.. wow.. how that can be done.. haha.. i know2x. :P if u all want to know.. go google la bro.. :D k bai.. thats all for now.. till then ah.. forget to tell u all.. i will actively update my blog start now on.. babai my frenzzz... ;)