Sunday, February 6, 2011


In a nut shell, I understand in well about the case widely.. =) the one enterprise or community must have very clear and systematic procedures for making their operation is going smooth and success. the varieties of system in technology had assist the users to complete their task.

Such of the sytem that have been implemented in the operation nowadays are SDLC ( sytem development life cycle ), Gantt chart, CASE ( computer aided software engineering ) and so on. besides that the entity muust follow the procedures wisely and the management of the entity must in good relationship to achieve optimistic succeed!!!!

But, there is something 'blur' playing in my mind that is what is biggest impact if the one of the entity having technology problem such server down, electricity problems and some more.??? auchh!!! is there any manual way to overcome this situation?

After the presentation, i can analyze well 96% about this case. =)


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