Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PBL TIME!!!! =)

(1st meeting)

  1. First of all... erm, this case tell me about the situation in one organization that involving the CEO and his employees. The CEO have been asking his employee what are the problems arises in their department respectively. On the other site, the CEO also gain the opinion from his employee of what the best tools they should use improve the system that handle the stock department. Beside that, the CEO is 'cool dude' when he also make a joke while discussing with his employee, hehehehe 'all is well' =p best boss to share something else other than work matter. huhu
  2. Frankly, I did not know exactly what are the members of that organization should going to do next???  Are they trying to sit together and describe what plan to improve the system or they are going hire the consultation for that.......... (+_=)
  3. twink!!! PBL session makes me myself are going to go become nearer with the text book and manual bought from en azmi. hehehe. OMG!! if there were no PBL session, 100% for sure I didn't open the AIS 630 book at all. =p thank en azminias. hehe
  4. Fuhhhhhhh... !!  I hate for being honest... dislike? make myself so tired when discussing in team.. it's said that all members have the same ideas. Are we actually do not know about this case solution? or... are we are depends only for one person to solve the problem? tett!! so bored....


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