Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PBL more!! =p


1. After the second meeting, of course there are some improvements with my knowledge about this case. =) after revised from text book, manual, asking to en. Azmi, discussed with the group member… so, I know the exactly picture of what are the problem raised, the techniques that the organization should use to overcome it and so on. Otherwise, there are having the system that I’ve even heard before such as system development life cycle (SDLC), Gantt chart, steering committee…… hahah, from zero info comes to 120% info known. =p but, anything in this world has their advantages and disadvantages. Then, the same thing are going to the tools derived from this case to resolve the problems and to improve the system. 

2. ????? erm….. if there are still have the disadvantages after the new tools used to replaced the existing tools, so, how it will become to improve the problems yet? maybe there is only to minimize the problem.. =)

3. Now, this time.. I have more picture and information about this case after en. Azmi briefing.. =) he always gave very simple real example related to the lesson.. so, student are easy pizzy to digest. Congrats en. Azmi for being understood us!! Huhu

4. Dislike? No at all. =) just…… next? Be ready for presentation after going through such a long holiday.. see u next time! Thanx! =D

PBL TIME!!!! =)

(1st meeting)

  1. First of all... erm, this case tell me about the situation in one organization that involving the CEO and his employees. The CEO have been asking his employee what are the problems arises in their department respectively. On the other site, the CEO also gain the opinion from his employee of what the best tools they should use improve the system that handle the stock department. Beside that, the CEO is 'cool dude' when he also make a joke while discussing with his employee, hehehehe 'all is well' =p best boss to share something else other than work matter. huhu
  2. Frankly, I did not know exactly what are the members of that organization should going to do next???  Are they trying to sit together and describe what plan to improve the system or they are going hire the consultation for that.......... (+_=)
  3. twink!!! PBL session makes me myself are going to go become nearer with the text book and manual bought from en azmi. hehehe. OMG!! if there were no PBL session, 100% for sure I didn't open the AIS 630 book at all. =p thank en azminias. hehe
  4. Fuhhhhhhh... !!  I hate for being honest... dislike? make myself so tired when discussing in team.. it's said that all members have the same ideas. Are we actually do not know about this case solution? or... are we are depends only for one person to solve the problem? tett!! so bored....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beauty & the Beast

Salam to all.
People considering beauty as a main factor of almost everything.
Is beauty is that important? I don’t know about u guys, but for me of course it important.
What i mean is that not he beauty on face, but beauty inside our self.
That beauty is the most precious and the most power full and strongest beauty ever.
Even the beauty on the face can defeated. Unfortunately nowadays, less people obtain that kind of beauty, they most admire and passionate with the beauty on outside.
On other side, there also some people who admiring the beauty in the world while forgetting the beauty beyond this world. The crossing the religious guide line, intentionally doing some uneasy stuff like “sex”, “kissing openly” and also some become an actor of the amateur reality sex show called “3gp”. Where the beauty of real beauty, people admiring the world, where went the people consciousness. Why people playing with their life like its nothing.
Any how, it is our job to repel it. To avoid it. We have to raise the consciousness through our self and to our self then only we can pass it to other. Just think about it guys.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

testing2x.... hahaha welcome to my first blog buddies!!

salam.. =) hye!!! hapinyer da terel wat blog sendiri..