Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PBL more!! =p


1. After the second meeting, of course there are some improvements with my knowledge about this case. =) after revised from text book, manual, asking to en. Azmi, discussed with the group member… so, I know the exactly picture of what are the problem raised, the techniques that the organization should use to overcome it and so on. Otherwise, there are having the system that I’ve even heard before such as system development life cycle (SDLC), Gantt chart, steering committee…… hahah, from zero info comes to 120% info known. =p but, anything in this world has their advantages and disadvantages. Then, the same thing are going to the tools derived from this case to resolve the problems and to improve the system. 

2. ????? erm….. if there are still have the disadvantages after the new tools used to replaced the existing tools, so, how it will become to improve the problems yet? maybe there is only to minimize the problem.. =)

3. Now, this time.. I have more picture and information about this case after en. Azmi briefing.. =) he always gave very simple real example related to the lesson.. so, student are easy pizzy to digest. Congrats en. Azmi for being understood us!! Huhu

4. Dislike? No at all. =) just…… next? Be ready for presentation after going through such a long holiday.. see u next time! Thanx! =D


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