Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to make my presentation more presentable and eye catching

salam to all.....

Everybody will feel nervous, going to vomit out, body shake, sweaty etc when they are presenting something in front of public.. this is human being that were experienced by evybody eventhought they are always appear in front of public to do presentation.

when i was in my former secondary school, i am always participated in school competition that almost involving to speak out in front of public such public speaking, debate, story telling competition, forum and so on.. here are my preparation and to do list before i am ready to perform any presentation:
  • Do the draft of your presentation. look at the facts, current issues to makes your presentation more relevant and updated.
  • Start to do proper presentation information completely.
  • Highlight the point that you will easy to memories.
  • Do main point in a small of paper.
  • Then, now start to practise in front of the mirror. ( so you can analyze clearly which tone that you suit to use while presenting and check the face play match with the points you are telling to... )
  • Do more practise.... and keep practise....
  • Recite the Al-Quran and pray for let you calm in presenting your performance..
  • I will wear the blazzer or coat on the presenting day because it will sycho the judges and the audience that you are very energetic presentor. =)
  • Look at precisely to the audience and judges's eyes because they will freaky to look at you back. hehehe
  • Your body movement must be dinamic to attract the other people to look at you.
I was applied all these steps when I am choosen to be school presenter for any public speaking before and it was 99.99% succeed!! =) the more important are early preparation and look good in your appearance. Happy trying..... =) 


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