Friday, April 8, 2011

~PBL 3~

salam to all~

alhamdulillahh... finally we were reached at the end of the PBL session for this sem. =) A lots of knowledge that were gain and improved in term of interpersonal skill due to having presentation for every session of PBL. 

PBL3 was embraced several issues that arise for the enterprise that intended to improve their operation in the organization. therefore, they have to find out the best strategies or ways to implement in their operation. on the same time, they wants the best result to benefits them all.

In my point of view is many organization nowadays intended to design a new information system is better than existing one. hence, they need to consider the features that make up a quality system. A quality system should ensure that its data are accurate and its provides accurate output. the system should provide an audit trail, efficient especially in its use of human effort, user friendly and interfaced with related system.

by the other way, construction and implementation phase is a crucial phase in the system development life cycle as it involves efforts from various people such as designers, programmers, database administrators, users as well as accountants.

lastly, information system must be well maintained. maintenance is an on going activity, one that lasts the lifetime of the system. due to reducing maintenance cost, they need to take some strategies include structured analysis and design which significantly reduce the problem of modifying the system. 

in a nutshell, what ever kind of changes that brought by one organization, they must firstly analyze as much of strategies and make the the best choice in resulting the best result. on the same time it will benefit their own operation and to the employees too. after that, they have to make the corrective when having the variance in their operation. hence, the improvement can will taken as soon as possible to cut the cost.

Finally, the organization have responsibility to maintain their system so that it can be operation in well and success..

thank you. =)


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