Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beauty & the Beast

Salam to all.
People considering beauty as a main factor of almost everything.
Is beauty is that important? I don’t know about u guys, but for me of course it important.
What i mean is that not he beauty on face, but beauty inside our self.
That beauty is the most precious and the most power full and strongest beauty ever.
Even the beauty on the face can defeated. Unfortunately nowadays, less people obtain that kind of beauty, they most admire and passionate with the beauty on outside.
On other side, there also some people who admiring the beauty in the world while forgetting the beauty beyond this world. The crossing the religious guide line, intentionally doing some uneasy stuff like “sex”, “kissing openly” and also some become an actor of the amateur reality sex show called “3gp”. Where the beauty of real beauty, people admiring the world, where went the people consciousness. Why people playing with their life like its nothing.
Any how, it is our job to repel it. To avoid it. We have to raise the consciousness through our self and to our self then only we can pass it to other. Just think about it guys.


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